Production capacity

Process flow

Process flow

Raw material part

All raw materials are purchased from regular domestic factories, and selected high-quality grades, with quality inspection reports attached, and each batch of raw materials is used after passing the inspection.

Styling part

Each modeling team is equipped with an inspector to ensure full coverage of the production process to ensure that no defective products are produced.

Smelting part

According to the advanced spectrum analyzer and carbon sulfur analyzer, the composition of molten iron can be mastered immediately and accurately to ensure that it is a qualified product from the inside of the furnace.

Physical and chemical testing

We have advanced tensile strength testing equipment, metallographic microscope, Shore hardness tester, Brinell hardness tester, molding sand strength tester and a series of testing equipment to ensure full coverage of product testing indicators.

Finished product treatment

We have a 30T tempering furnace to remove product stress and ensure product stability.

Painting treatment

We have passed the paint environmental protection review, and can spray primer and topcoat to avoid customers' worries.

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